Why Spider-Man 3’s Venom Was So Bad

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Why Spider-Man 3’s Venom Was So Bad

Spider-Man 3 is the low point of Sam Rami’s trilogy partly due to his mishandling of Venom; luckily, Tom Hardy’s version rescued the character.

Venom made his cinematic debut in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, but the execution of the character was and is largely considered to have been quite bad; here’s why. While almost universally considered the weakest entry in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie trilogy, Spider-Man 3 is not without its merits. It has an emotional story at its core that resolves threads set up in the earlier films and provides natural character progressions for Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, and Harry Osborn. It also has some great action (the collapsing crane), boundary-pushing special effects, and well-intentioned ideas. It’s clear that Raimi and his team tried really hard to deliver a satisfying film.

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The movie, however, had the unenviable task of following Spider-Man 2, widely considered to be one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. In attempting to deliver on sky-high fan expectations, and laboring under the impression that bigger is better, the film became overstuffed with villains and story, to the point where the filmmakers seriously considered splitting it into two parts. It also found itself at the mercy of endless ridicule over “Emo Peter Parker,” and this, along with Venom’s mishandling, is what the film is largely remembered for.

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