Why Ted Lasso Season 3 Will Be All About Redeeming Nate

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Why Ted Lasso Season 3 Will Be All About Redeeming Nate

Season 2 has foreshadowed a dark future and possible betrayal for Nate, but he likely won’t achieve redemption until Ted Lasso season 3.

Here’s why Ted Lasso season 3 will be all about redeeming Nate (Nick Mohammed). Nate has seen a meteoric rise in station since the beginning of the Apple TV+ series. He started out as the humble kit man for AFC Richmond, showing surprise when Ted (Jason Sudeikis) even acknowledges him much less remembers his name. After demonstrating his good ideas, Nate receives an unorthodox promotion from kit man to coach where he continues to shine. His most prolific moment comes when, in the absence of Ted, Nate makes late substitutions in the game against Tottenham which results in a surprising win.

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His ascension to significance, however, has not always brought out the best in Nate. He has shown that his newfound confidence is easily subverted and replaced by a cruelly vindictive spirit. Over the course of season 2, Nate has suffered insults, whether deliberate or not, at the hands of his father, the players of AFC Richmond, and even kindhearted Ted himself. Audiences have seen the darkness growing in Nate’s storyline as his fragile ego is tested, and Ted Lasso season 2, episode 10, “No Weddings and a Funeral,” finally reveals how his negativity will manifest. After making an uncharacteristically kind gesture to Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), her ex-husband, Rupert (Anthony Head), approaches Nate, whispers something in his ear, and pats him on the back. It’s clear to viewers that something is brewing between the two.

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