Wonderful, That Bonkers Fishing Game Series Is Back

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Wonderful, That Bonkers Fishing Game Series Is Back

There’s a Japanese arcade game called Fishing Spirits that in 2019 was ported to the Switch, then released in the West as Ace Angler. It now has a sequel, and it is not your average fishing game.

Do not think of, say, Sega Bass Fishing here. This is not intended as an accurate representation of the sport/pastime of fishing. Instead, what you need to do here is imagine that Capcom’s Monster Hunter series took over management of the Animal Crossing aquarium.

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That’s the debut trailer for Fishing Spirits: Fish & Play Aquarium, a new game that was announced in today’s Japanese edition of the Nintendo Direct presentation. It wasn’t mentioned in the Western presentation, so maybe the game is only destined for Japan, but then given Ace Angler’s release who knows.

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