WWZ Aftermath Review: Pure Zombie Killing Fun

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WWZ Aftermath Review: Pure Zombie Killing Fun

World War Z: Aftermath takes everything great about the first and makes it better. Its gameplay, replayability, and smart A.I. make it a joy to play.

World War Z: Aftermath is exhilarating. Following 2019’s World War Z, the sequel from developer Saber Interactive continues the story by showing the devastation that has been caused by the initial outbreak, how the characters have changed and adapted, and how humanity is changing the tide of the war. Save for some design quirks and an odd bug here or there, WWZ: Aftermath provides a nuanced and refined experience that will please anyone itching to fight swarms of the undead.

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To start, players can choose to play the campaign solo or co-op, or they can just dive into online multiplayer. For this review, the majority of time was spent on the former, and for those who aren’t always comfortable playing online, the single player experience is just as addictive and versatile. There are many zombie infested maps to play through, each with unique missions and randomizers that affect everything from weapon case locations to the layout of mission objectives. This also makes exploring the game’s various classes more enjoyable, as jumping into each randomized map with a new set of skills ends up feeling like a fresh experience altogether.

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