YouTube Is Now Banning All Vaccine Misinformation — With Two Loopholes

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YouTube Is Now Banning All Vaccine Misinformation — With Two Loopholes

YouTube is extending its policy beyond COVID-19 vaccines by banning all content that appears to spread misinformation about any approved vaccine.

YouTube has announced that it will ban all content that spreads false information or fear relating to any approved vaccine for illnesses, such as measles, flu, and Hepatitis — drastically expanding the scope beyond COVID-19 vaccines. YouTube, along with other social and sharing platforms with millions of daily users, has served as the key source for spreading vaccine-related misinformation across the world. Multiple studies and medical experts have linked vaccine hesitancy to misleading content shared online, stressing the need to urgently police potentially life-threatening hoaxes about vaccines and their side effects.

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Even though platforms have taken punitive steps such as suspending accounts and pulling hazardous content, the dissemination of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation continues to be a major problem for almost every name in the social game. For example, TikTok now has over one billion downloads under its belt and research recently suggested that the TikTok Sounds feature continues to be abused for spreading COVID-19 misinformation and anti-vaccine discourse. This is in spite of the company claiming tight restrictions on such content. A key lesson to be learned here is that social platforms will continue to struggle against vaccine-related misinformation issues in the future, with COVID-19 serving as the best example of that phenomenon.

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